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IT Consulting

Create and execute IT strategies that drive business growth Disruptive technologies like AI, Machine Learning, IoT, big data, mobility, cloud and automation are impacting enterprise business models and the IT landscape. Businesses have to constantly evolve to drive competitive advantage and business growth. This is only possible by leveraging emerging technologies and staying ahead of the game.

Ardent’s IT consulting team helps organizations understand disruptive technologies well. We help our clients by implementing agile design principles, and take a strategic approach to disruptive technologies. Using a holistic approach to business, we help our clients define, design and execute strategies that optimizes the resources and quality while creating new avenues of growth both internally and externally. Our technology consultants leverage innovative solutions and deep domain expertise to develop short- and long-term strategies aligned with your corporate goals. We ensure a better IT performance and get you ready to leverage technology advancements with measurable outcomes.

Our Approach Ardent’s consultants work across all dimensions of Information Technology:
  • We understand the existing business processes.
  • Identify Gaps and create strategic imperatives for digital transformation
  • Focus on business process design and strategy
  • Implement policies for continuous improvement and automation.

CTO and Innovation Service for Startups

At Ardent we understand that developing the IT strategy and putting a large team in place can be challenging for start-ups. We offer a monthly subscription service for Start-ups and small to intermediate businesses looking at not making large capital expenses. This service allows our partners/clients to brainstorm on scalable digital innovations, plan, design, prioritize, and execute strategic software projects and IT initiatives in line with their short and long-term goals.

We follow a simple plug-and-play model and unlike traditional resources’ augmentation our clients can leverage our talent pool and use the services per their needs. We facilitate weekly/bi-weekly calls and help our clients shape their digital journey.

Development Services

Web / Mobile Applications We design and develop Web and mobile applications that meet and exceed your needs. Our applications will expose your untapped potential to grow your and your client’s businesses. We strive to bring to life ideas and solutions with the bandwidth and flexibility to scale in functionality, features, design and sheer processing power. Our skill spans across multiple simple and complex platforms such as iPhone, iPad, Android phones, Android tablets. Phablets, Desktops, etc. Our applications will allow to improve brand awareness, data driven insights and increase revenue opportunities. We offer services at every stage of your web and mobile application development project. We have onsite and cloud-based solutions to launch, maintain and enhance the backend infrastructure. We also excel in As-a-Service, Enterprise, Cross Platform, Cross System, Onsite and Offsite Applications.
AI and ML Services
  • Artificial Intelligence

    With our in-depth experience in complex problem solving and business transformation, we at Ardent Consulting provide data consulting services to help companies derive value from raw datasets. Add competitive functionality for greater customer satisfaction, automate internal processes, or peer into the future – all on the bedrock of custom-built machine learning algorithms engineered on the foundation of your own data. Our machine learning experts will immerse themselves in your business processes and industry specifics to discover the main problems and offer solutions to them. Then, applying their skills in Artificial Intelligence, data analytics, machine learning models, and algorithms, they will help you decipher what data is telling you. In the end, you will be using a custom ML algorithm to continuously gather analytical insights and make data-driven decisions.

  • Machine Learning

    Machine Learning is valuable when you don’t know the important input variables to make that decision and therefore you give the Machine Learning algorithm the goal and then it learns the from the data, that which factors are important in achieving the goal. A great example is Google’s application of machine learning to its data centers last year. Data centers need to remain cool, so they require vast amounts of energy for their cooling systems to function properly. This represents a significant cost to Google, so the goal was to increase efficiency with machine learning.

    With 120 variables affecting the cooling system (i.e. fans, pumps, speeds, windows, etc.), building a model with classic approaches would be a huge undertaking. Instead, Google applied machine learning and cut its overall energy consumption by 15%. That represents hundreds of millions of dollars in savings for Google in the coming years.

    And therefore, We at Ardent Consulting have started a revolution of helping small and large organizations with expert digital consultations by which organizations can make easy decisions in upgrading and scaling their tech stack for past and current projects thereby saving vast amount of time, money and energy.

Industrial IoT We strive to strictly adhere by our standards of IoT Center of Excellence. Our solutions offer our decades of cumulative experience to helping you and your customers across every stage of IoT adoption. From Idea Generation to Productization and Operationalization. We put forth our very best in:
  • Assessment services: Requirement/Cost Analysis, Solution Blueprint, Technology recommendations and Business Process modeling.
  • Connected devices: Device/ controller/ gateway Embedded design, Device specific protocol implementation, Industrial Design/ Certification.
  • Business Specific Application development: UX/UI design, Native / Web/ Responsive Application Integration with CRM/SCM/ ERP / Others, Domain Specific APP.
  • Intelligent Platforms: IoT Platform development, Platform Engineering, Custom solutions, IoT Testing
  • Analytics and Visualization: Edge / Real time Analytics, Predictive Analytics, Dashboard/ Visualization.

Our Principles for a Futuristic Approach are

  • - Strangler Pattern
  • - Domain Driven Design
  • - Capability Based Team
  • - CI/CD
  • - Cloud Native App Development
  • - Pair Programming and TDD
Blockchain Blockchain is changing the basic structure of how business transactions are conducted. It offers globalization, transparency and security. We offer to couple your Web and Mobile Applications, IoT and Websites with the unique benefits of Blockchain. We offer to take those extra steps to understand your aspirations and need to leverage the practicality of blockchain innovation. We help design, develop and maintain Blockchain solutions that helps optimize your business functions to help reduce cost while in parallel increase revenue through globalization. Our experience spans multiple industries, ranging from real state, securities trading, banking and others.

Digital Marketing Solutions

Website Development Our approach to Website Development is not simply focus on the design or listing of services and solutions or debate on static and dynamic features. Our mission is for the website to represent our client as a unique person. The website is a means to project our client’s mission, culture, what drives them, so that it stands out amongst the herd of other websites. That first impression helps our client build their relationship with potential leads and opens their wallet to business.
SEO - Search Engine Optimization Search Engine Optimization (SEO) goes beyond the understanding of Google or Bing algorithm, it is about discovering the ideal clients for our customers and then planning and executing a strategic and tactical approach to reach those clients. We maintain a dynamic approach to counter the ever-changing environmental variables, thereby giving us the repeated advantage of being the first one to adapt to shifts in SEO.
SEM - Search Engine Marketing Our ROI focused strategy for Search Engine Marketing (SEM) has proven to be a comprehensive approach to creating data-driven, focused add campaigns. Our campaigns come with years of experience in breaking through tough markets to generate qualified leads. We run Quality Scores to help optimize your Cost Per Click and reap the maximum return for your investment.
SMM - Social Media Marketing Social Media Marketing (SMM) to us means work closely with our clients to generate content in the form of blogs, reviews, videos, free classes, etc. and publish it across a wide range of online / offline advertisement platforms to ensure brand awareness, attract traffic and increase conversions. Our team of experts pick the best approach to send out powerful messaging across selected venues to get the highest return on investment.
SMO - Social Media Optimization Our Social Media Optimization (SMO) offers our clients a way to launch and then scale their online presence. Our SMO strategies does a weighted effectiveness and measured resources allocation when leveraging social media tools like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. These tools are merged with key word search optimization, social media profile, social media campaigns and other options to draw traffic and conversion.
PPC - Pay Per Click Advertising Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) ensures our clients are able to drive effective traffic to ensure higher conversions and revenue. Our algorithms are able to reach relevant audiences across wide range of demographics and geographies; attract and engage potential relationship building via your blogs, applications, video content and chat; and finally, this repeated process churns out leads and sales and ensures increasing awareness for existing and new traffic.

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